One of the things that make Phil’s books interesting is that he has participated to some degree in the adventures of those he writes of and makes presentations about.

About Me

How quickly things change. I never intended to ever have a website. I wanted to write quality books about interesting topics. Now I spend more time adapting to the digital revolution than I do writing books. Frankly, I’d much rather be on a canoe trip, skiing, or crossing an ocean so I could then tell stories about those trips. I will do whatever it takes to keep the books coming though . . . count on it.

Now, I even have a blog! Hopefully, it will allow readers to communicate with me on work old or new and for me to respond. I’m looking forward to it and hope you are too.

Though, I complain about my lack of time, this year I have managed:

  • A 30-day trip to Alaska cross country skiing in the Chugach Mountains. We had been breaking trail in some of the deepest snows in Alaska’s recorded history.
  • Another trip to Alaska aboard Wild Wind IV fishing our way from Ketchikan north to Juneau.
  • A 4-day reunion canoe trip across Michigan’s AuSable River with some we paddled the Yukon with ten years ago.
  • A book of poetry called, SONGS OF THE SEA, I wrote some years back while crossing the Pacific Ocean from Hawaii to Seattle aboard Wild Wind IV.
  • A novel of historical fiction called, NORTHERN MOON, Prohibition, Moonshine, and the Family Farm.
  • Another authorized biography called, AROUND THE WORLD AND THEN SOME, which is a narrative of the 50-year history of the sailing Raedeke family and their four different Wild Winds of the sea, which will print shortly.
  • We also expanded the reach of our Life as an Adventure Presentations© so we may become busier.
It took a while to catch up with the pace of the internet and to learn what works and what doesn’t. I sincerely hope this website provides a service to my readers and to those who attend our presentations.

Recommended Reading

I have a good friend who just published a book of his own called PROHIBITION TIMES IN THE ST. CROIX RIVER VALLEY by Ward Moberg. It contains thirty years of research by Ward with interviews of former participants, their children, relatives and friends on moonshine activities, a real authentic glimpse of who did what, when, and where. If you have interest in the Moon Trilogy, I highly recommend Ward’s book as well. It is available on Amazon.